Week 2: RRR Radiothon begins! Plank Audio proud band prize sponsors

Week 2: RRR Radiothon begins! Plank Audio proud band prize sponsors

Image Credit: Erin Stevens 

G’day everyone!

Week two is rolling on and we have a new list of supporters to thank!

Thanks to Broderick, Geir, Oliver and Aidan. Appreciate the support!

Image credit: Jem King Creative

Today is the beginning of Melbournes own RRR’s 2020 Radiothon

In their own words, “Subscribing and donating during Radiothon keeps Triple R – local, truly independent radio – afloat. Now, More Than Ever, Triple R needs your support.

Ordinarily, the station derives half its income from sponsorship – but because of COVID-19, a huge percentage of this income has gone. So Triple R is asking every listener who can afford to do so, to join them in saying, Now, More Than Ever: I listen, I subscribe.

Plank Audio is a proud sponsor of the Band subscriber prize for this years Radiothon. Subscribe as a band and you’ll go into the running for The Stack, a trio of rack boxes including a 3U+6U+12U. All ready to fitted out with your gear. Stack as one or scatter as needed.

Check out the RRR Band Suscriber pack for more details on the other prizes and how to get on board. 

Image credit: Jem King Creative

The first release of rack boxes are starting to move. Once these go, we will do a second release but at a higher price.

So if you’ve got your eye one one, now is the time….

Image credit: Jem King Creative

The word is starting to get out. We have had enquiries from producers and musicians from around Australia.

There has been some interest for custom desks too. This is how we got started so definitely possible.

Any enquiries can be sent through to info@plankaudio.com.au

For now jump on RRR and subscribe, and if you’re thinking of getting some of the rack boxes, now is the time.

Stay safe and look out for one another,

– P.A.

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