The Woman Behind The Lense


This week we’d like to thank the woman behind the lense for our product shots.

jemkingcreative is a friend of ours and we have been big fans of her photography and music work for some time. In the before times you may have spotted Jem around at gigs both behind the lense and on stage. As many in Melbournes music community, Jem is involved in a number of ways. Jem is the front woman of slomoband and regular gig photographer at northcotesocialclub among others.

When we were planning out the launch of Plank Audio, Jem immediately came to mind for product photography. Having the dual background of music and photography, Jem got the concept and what we wanted to convey with Plank Audio immediately. She was able to direct us through the best range of shots required to convey what we wanted to achieve.

Jem was great to work with, and as you can see provided an amazing array of shots that has captured the range so beautifully. Jem also has a little cameo in our video.

Looking forward to checking out slomoband again soon at gig in the hopefully not too distant future! (They’ve just released a very nice t-shirt designed by grimoireart too btw)

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